Friday, March 8, 2013

2013 Chocolate Tasting Results, Short Version

Switzerland and Germany take the lead!  If you can get your hands on some Gilgen, Villars, Edeka, or Schweitzers chocolate, do so at once, but if you're restricted to USA shopping, hit up the Trader Joe's Swiss, Divine, and Galler, which are all available in this country and also received top marks.  If you find yourself in Australia (or have a friend who does), try the new Daintree Estates chocolate, which you will either love or hate- it's pretty different.  You'll need a Russian connection to get your hands on A. Kournov, but it's worth the trouble.  And finally, if you're a die hard super dark fan, go straight for a Blanxart bar from Spain- you'll probably love it!

Overall Winners:
Trader Joe's Swiss Milk (made by Villars) from Switzerland
Gilgen Milk Hausegmacht from Switzerland
Divine Milk from Germany
Galler Milk from Belgium
Lindt Milk from Switzerland

Gilgen Chocolat Cremant Hausegmacht from Switzerland
Edeka Zartbitter from Germany
Callier Cremant from Switzerland

Super Dark:
A Kourkunov Elite 72% Dark Chocolate from Russia
Schweitzers Zartbitter 72% from Switzerland
Divine 70% Dark Chocolate from Germany
Edeka Edel Zartbitter 72% from Germany
Villars Chocolat Noir 72% from Switzerland

Other Chocolates of Note (popular but polarizing):
Daintree Estates Dark 70% and Milk 45% from Australia
Blanxart 82% Congo Dark from Spain
Kallari 70% Cacao from Ecuador